Chartridge Books Oxford has recently published its new catalogue. You can view the new catalogue by clicking here.

Chartridge Books Oxford operates a new, open access publishing model. Chartridge Books Oxford aims to disseminate scholarly and academic books and other research information as widely as possible, in all subject areas, on an international basis.

The new, Chartridge Books Oxford open access publishing model (based on highly rigorous independent and external peer review) is in response to two recent trends in scholarly publishing:

Firstly, in some areas of academic research, because of reduced sales of scholarly monographs, it is not always economically viable for some university and academic presses to operate economically. As a result of the above, some academics can find it difficult to publish their work.

Secondly, an increase in the open access movement is changing publishing: although this is well established in journal publishing, there is also a move by researchers, and their funding bodies, to promote open access for material published as books and other material.

Chartridge Books Oxford publishes academic and scholarly books and other material on the following basis:

• Our books are available to read (as a PDF) and download on an open access basis.

• As well as books being made available on an open access basis, they are also available as a printed book and in an enhanced ebook format (and made available to read on most of the major e-readers such as Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad etc.).

• In addition to traditional research monographs, we are interested in publishing so-called 'grey' literature: working papers, reviews, conference proceedings etc. Since such material is often not in a traditional book format, it is very rarely widely disseminated. However, Chartridge Books Oxford is keen to publish such material (subject to thorough peer review) to aid its dissemination, and make it available - in ebook format - to researchers worldwide.

• Some researchers can find it difficult to find a publishing outlet for their work which, in terms of length, falls somewhere between a journal article and a monograph. Chartridge Books Oxford is most interested to publish material of such a length.

• Our academic books are published at an affordable price.

• Worldwide distribution: our print and enhanced ebooks are made available through all of the major wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

You can view our 'Guidance Notes for Authors' interested in submitting  a proposal for a publication, by clicking here.

If you are an author and have an idea for a publication, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact:

Dr Timothy Jones



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