International Accounting Standardization

International Accounting Standardization

Author: Jeno Beke


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Recommended price:      £49.95/US$80.00/€59.00/$Australian85.00/$Canadian83.00


International Accounting Standardization



This book looks at how international accounting standardization, i.e., similar accounting transactions are treated the same by companies around the world, results in globally comparable financial statements.

Key Features

• international accounting standardization process

• unified financial regime

• accounting harmonization

• business globalization

• economics of accounting standards

• influencing factors of accounting standardization

• accounting peculiarities of countries inside and outside of the European Union

• universal accounting methods effects on business decisions and management performances

• measurement classification of financial statements


Scholars, accountants, business executives, business management, government policy makers.

ISBN (print):                978-1-909287-80-8

ISBN (digital PDF):     978-1-909287-81-5

ISBN (epub):               978-1-909287-82-2

ISBN (mobi):               978-1-909287-83-9

Publication date:         December 2013

Territorial rights:          worldwide

Number of pages:       179

Size (print):                  234mm x 156mm


Readership:                 university and professional

BIC2 code(s):              KCL, KJ, KCD, KCK, KJG

BISAC code(s):           BUS069020, BUS000000, BUS079000,BUS008000



Basic characters of accounting standardization

Classification of accounting systems

Influencing factors of accounting standardizaton

Problem caused by accounting diversity

Economics of accounting standards

Comparative statistical analysis

Contemporary scientific practical researches

Effects of the universal information methods on company performance

Empirical results


Findings and evaluations

Summary and conclusions








Jeno Beke is Associate Professor of Accounting at the faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pecs, Hungary. He received his PhD of Accountancy from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. Dr. Beke’s researches have dealt with international accounting and he has been published in interdisciplinary books and journals. He is the secretary of the American-Hungarian Accounting Association. Jeno Beke has served on the editorial boards of academic and business journals including the International Journal of Finance and Accounting, International Business and Management and Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Economics and Tax Expert licences.



Scholars, accountants, business executives, business management, government policy makers.

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