ManagingtheEnvironment img233x350Managing the Environment: Sustainability and Economic Development of Tourism                  

Editors: Francisco-José Sáez-Martínez, José-Luis Sánchez-Ollero,Alejandro García-Pozo and Esteban Pérez-Calderón

Print (paperback):         ISBN: 9781911033141

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ISBN (digital PDF):       9781911033158

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This book contains some contributions from the VI International Conference on Tourism, Economics and Environment that took place at Malaga, Spain. The book includes a collection of case studies and best practices linking sustainability to tourism. The topics addressed represent an overview of the most contemporary problems affecting the tourism sector.


Scholars, students and practitioners.

ISBN (print):                 9781911033141

ISBN (ebook):             9781911033158

Publication date:          July 2016

Territorial rights:           worldwide

Number of pages:        150

Size (print):                  297mm x 210mm

Readership:                 university and professional


Low cost airlines and tourism: analysis of the case of Easyjet from the perspective of complex networks and its management implications
Plumed-Lasarte, Marta, Latorre-Martínez, María Pilar, Íñiguez-Berrozpe, Tatiana and Modrego-Martínez, Jesús

Flickr: tool for a market analysis of tourism consumption
Íñiguez-Berrozpe, Tatiana, Plumed-Lasarte, Marta and Latorre-Martínez, María Pilar

New tourism uses for defence heritage: tourism enhancement of historic castles and fortresses
Viñals, María José, Alonso-Monasterio, Pau, Martínez-Sanchís, Inmaculada and Morant, Maryland

Application of the concept "tourism cluster" in urban planning. A proposal for Calp Old Town
Peñín-Llobell, Blanca, Peñín-Ibáñez, Alberto, Quintana-Seguí, Elisabet and Miret-Pastor, Lluís

Tourism development and high-speed railway in Andalusia
Sánchez-Ollero, José Luis, García-Pozo, Alejandro and Del Cubo-Arroyo, Elisa

Sustainable tourism and management of national parks in Spain: unfinished business
Prieto-Ballester, Jorge Manuel and Pérez-Calderón, Esteban

The tourist explotation of natural areas observed under law 30/2014, of 3 december, regarding national parks
Zurilla-Cariñana, Mª Ángeles and Domínguez-Martínez, Pilar

Carbon footprint management as an opportunity for differentiation for the rural accommodation sector
Pérez-Calderón, Esteban and Pache-Durán, María

Tear down that green fence: traditional uses of the territory standing up against natural protection and ecotourism in the Spanish Pyrenees
Carrascosa-López, Conrado, Lobera-Serrano, Josep and Segarra-Oña, Maríadel Val

Design of an input-output table for the touristic supply chain in Spain
Pérez-Mesa, Juan Carlos, Jiménez-Guerrero, José Felipe and Cordente-Rodríguez, María

Aanalysis of the ethical behavior of local politicians in Spain through its influence on holiday dwelling prices
García-Pozo, Alejandro, Sánchez-Ollero, José Luis and Marchante-Mera, Andrés

Theoretical identification of drivers and barriers for setting up EMS in SMES in China
Li, C. Segarra-Oña, Maríadel Val and Peiró-Signes, Ángel

VAT and the Tourism sector
Álamos-Cerillo, Raquel

Feed-in tariff policies and their impact on development of the European photovoltaic sector
Milanés-Montero, Patricia, Arroyo-Farrona, Alberto and Pérez-Calderón, Esteban


  • Francisco-José Sáez-Martínez, University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)
  • José-Luis Sánchez-Ollero, University of Málaga (Spain)
  • Alejandro García-Pozo, University of Málaga (Spain)
  • Esteban Pérez-Calderón, University of Extremadura (Spain).

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