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Author: Stephen Howard 

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Recommended price: £59.95/$95.00/€89.00


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The purpose of ‘Energy Management’ is to show that all organisations can save energy and money, and help the environment, by treating it as a management issue. Throughout, the emphasis is on practical management issues.



Practitioners, academics and researchers in the facilities, building and construction industries.


ISBN (print):                   978-1-902375-10-6

ISBN (digital PDF):       978-1-909287-10-5

ISBN (epub):                  978-1-909287-12-9

ISBN (mobi):                 978-1-909287-14-3 

Publication date:          1988 

Territorial rights:            worldwide

Number of pages:        112

Size (print):                   280mm x 210mm 

BIC2 code(s):               KNJC

BISAC code(s):           TEC031010



An overview of energy management

A corporate approach

Energy purchasing

Energy audits and surveys

Management information

Financial appraisal

Energy, the environment and quality

Saving energy through people

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About the author

Stephen Howard, the author, is a leading consultant working in the area. 

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