ISO 9000 and the Construction IndustryPheng cover

Author: Low Sui Pheng


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‘ISO 9000 and the Construction Industry’, written by Low Sui Pheng, looks at the interpretation and implementation of ISO 9000 in the construction industry. Through the use of case studies, the book deals with the non-technical attributes of quality management systems in the construction industry and how these may influence the effectiveness of ISO 9000 requirements. The book explains and provides the solutions on how behavioural influence, environmental changes, legal implications and quality cost measurements can be managed within construction firms to achieve effective quality management systems. The book also provides practical examples of ISO 9000 and large building projects as well as the smaller construction firms.


It is aimed at all construction professionals, including architects, surveyors, civil engineers and builders who want to broaden their knowledge on the production of construction work. It will also be of interest to clients and their project managers who are engaged, or about to be engaged, in building work.

ISBN (print):                  978-1-902375-01-4

ISBN (digital PDF):      978-1-909287-19-8

ISBN (epub):                 978-1-909287-21-1

ISBN (mobi):                 978-1-909287-20-4

Publication date:          1998     

Territorial rights:            worldwide

Number of pages:        172

Size (print):                   280mm x 210mm

BIC2 code(s):               KNJC         

BISAC code(s):            TEC005000


Development and implementation of ISO 9000

ISO 9000 and behavioural change

ISO 9000 and change management

ISO 9000 and legal implications for the construction industry

A case study of ISO 9000 in large scale projects

ISO 9000 for small construction firms

A system for quantifying construction quality costs

Total quality management in the construction industry


About the author

Low Sui Pheng, the author, is a senior academic working in the field.


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