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Author: David Hickman


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‘PFI and Construction Contracts,’ written by David Hickman, examines contracts in the construction industry in relation to the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), such as what distinguishes construction in a PFI environment from a traditional contract. The author analyses the key elements of the construction sub-contract and interface between contractor and operator.


The book is aimed at all of the professions engaged in the construction industry: practitioners, academics and researchers in the construction industry

ISBN (print):                    978-1-902375-33-5

ISBN (digital PDF):       978-1-909287-16-7

ISBN (epub):                  978-1-909287-18-1

ISBN (mobi):                  978-1-909287-17-4

Publication date:           2000

Territorial rights:             worldwide

Number of pages:         112

Size (print):                    280mm x 210mm

Readership:                  university and professional

BIC2 code(s):               LNCQ,LNCJ

BISAC code:                LAW019000


Construction issues on PFI projects: output specification, project company's solution, design and construction standards, warranties, government regulations, timescales, lifecycle costs, interface between construction/operational phase, design development, performance payment system.

Flow down of risks to subcontracts: how risk is flowed down, termination risk, termination issues for the construction subcontractor, warranties, bonds and guarantees.

Use and adaptation of standard forms for the construction subcontract: a standard form (JCT 81 or 98), preparation of the contract where a standard form is being adapted, bespoke contracts.

Negotiating key elements of construction subcontract: scope of works, liability level, compensation events and relief events, extensions of time, liquidated damages, payments, variations, certification/completion, independent certifier.

Collateral agreements. Interface between contractor/operator.

Finance/funding: debt finance, subordinated debt, equity, bond finance, key funding issues, the financial model, banks and risk.

Insurance: insurance and risk allocation, insurances required by the construction company, who effects these, levels and breadth of insurance, banks and insurance, authority issues, what the construction company must do. 

Post contract-construction phase problems: variations during construction, disputes, DRP at subcontract level, overruns/extensions of time. 

Future developments. Appendices: Treasury Taskforce Guidance. Sample risk matrix.


About the author

David Hickman, the author, is a leading construction lawyer who worked on many PFI projects.

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