New Theory on Leadership Management ScienceNew Theory on Leadership Management Science

Author: Bingxin Wu


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New ­ Theory on Leadership Management Science uses multidisciplinary systems to comprehensively study leadership management. From philosophical, sociological, cultural, historical, management and marketing perspectives, it studies leadership management during the process of combining theory and practice from the beginnings of human consumption, including household consumption and financing, and national macroscopic control and management. In terms of methodology, the book follows fundamental philosophical, economic, sociological and management principles. The book mainly uses the methods of social statistics, documentary comparison, probability sampling, case studies, interviews and computer analysis, etc. Therefore, in terms of both basic theory and methodology, the book is not only an economic work but involves multiple disciplines.

Key Features

  • Links leadership and management, which are inseparable and, together, constitute leadership management science.
  • Refers to the transformation of the classical Chinese leadership management school of thought, and advances it as a leading management school of thought with Chinese characteristics, but which has universal significance.
  • Comprehensive and systematic advancement of leadership management practice strategy, including national practice, development strategy, and corporate practice development strategy.
  • The book proposes that the core of leadership management philosophy is epistemology and methodology.
  • Emphasizes that practical philosophy should be the first philosophy in the process of human leadership management.
  • Develops a new interpretation of the subjects and objects of leadership management and the quality of leadership management. In particular, a new standard for both the subject of leadership management and the quality of leadership management.
  • Advocates that network management should be managed as a national strategy.
  • It puts forward new business concepts, new concepts of enterprise management and enterprise management law, and specific strategic management practice elements and methods, which provide a specific and consultative method for combining theory and practice for CEOs and general managers of enterprises (including state-owned firms).


Scholars, practitioners, business executives and government/economic policy makers.

ISBN (print):                  978-1-909287-47-1

ISBN (digital PDF):      978-1-909287-48-8

ISBN (epub):                 978-1-909287-49-5

ISBN (mobi):                 978-1-909287-50-1

Publication date:          April 2013        

Territorial rights:            Worldwide

Number of pages:        859 

Size (print):                   234mm x 156mm

Readership:                 university and professional

BIC2 code(s):              KJMB, KJC            

BISAC code(s):           BUS071000, BUS042000, BUS041000 


Concept, principle and characteristics of leadership management science

The leadership management environment

Qualities of leadership managers

The leadership management system and evolution

Leadership management science methodology

Four stages of development in epistemology

Leadership management thought of ancient China

Planning leadership in strategy

Leadership management and consumer social productivity

National macroscopic leadership management innovation

Consumption and leadership management innovation

Network society and leadership management

A new theory on enterprise leadership management

Marketing leadership management

Business leadership management in China 

Author(s) or Editor(s)

Bingxin Wu is the Board Chairman of Sanzhu Group, Beijing Genetic Engineering Research Institute and Beijing Nuozhou Institute of Biology, and the director of Shizhen Institute of Biology. He is also an honorable professor at Shandong University, contract researcher for Shandong Academy of Social Sciences and for Oriental Institute and an honorable professor at the Institute of Micro-ecology of Dalian Medical University. Moreover, he is the executive member of China Association of Industry and Commerce, vice president of Shandong Jinan municipal Association of Industry and Commerce, master workman of Shandong Private Entrepreneurs Union, vice president the Association of Chinese Professionals, and the deputy director of Chinese Private Scientific and Technological Association and of National Private Technology Entrepreneur Association as well as the standing director of China Chinese Medicine Institute. He was awarded the ‘China's meritorious figure in developing mart economy’ by the China Seminar of Mart Economy and China Mart Economy Newspaper and won the ‘Global Diamond Award’ by American Association of Sciences. He has published more than 20 papers on consumption at home and abroad.

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