Critical Thoughts from a Government Perspective criticalthoughts 350

Author: Dr Ali M. Al-Khouri


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Critical Thoughts From A Government Perspective illustrates a broad picture that is grounded in the realities of day to day issues faced by public sector managers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The chapters in the book examine the main areas of importance for public sector leaders; they have been grouped into four distinct categories: strategic management, organisational performance, e-government and national identity.

The objective of Critical Thoughts From A Government Perspective is to: help augment recent public sector development efforts in the GCC; contribute to the advancement of research on the GCC; and serve as knowledge building tools for those interested in learning about public sector management practices in GCC countries.

Key Features

  • Many books about the GCC governmental sector are typically written from either a purely academic perspective or present a small subset of available research, thereby failing to capture critical management issues and considerations. Therefore, Critical Thoughts From A Government Perspective not only embodies insights based on extensive research but also the collective insights of numerous senior government practitioners.
  • Critical Thoughts From A Government Perspective has been written from a philosophical ‘mind-set’ in the sense that if we need to improve our organisations and thereafter our nations, we need to be transparent when we share knowledge and practices.
  • Critical Thoughts From A Government Perspective is easy-to-read and is highly practical.


Scholars, practitioners, business executives and government/economic policy makers worldwide, and especially those with an interest in the Middle East.

ISBN (print):                978-1-909287-55-6

ISBN (digital PDF):     978-1-909287-55-6

ISBN (epub):               978-1-909287-56-3

ISBN (mobi):               978-1-909287-58-7

Publication date:         June 2013

Territorial rights:          worldwide

Number of pages:       155

Size (print):                  234mm x 156mm

Readership:                 university and professional

BIC2 code(s):              KJMP, KJMV8, KNTX, JPP  

BISAC code(s):           TEC062000, BUS032000    


Strategic management

Public value and ROI in the government sector

Strategy development at Emirates Identity Authority

Targeting results: lessons learned from the UAE National ID Program

Re-thinking enrolment in identity card schemes

Organisational performance

Improving organisational performance through understanding human motivation

Succeeding with transformational initiatives


Supporting e-government progress in the UAE

National identity

Population growth and governments’ modernisation efforts: the case of GCC countries


Dr Al-Khouri is the Director General (Under Secretary) of the Emirates Identity Authority: a federal government organisation established in 2004 to rollout and manage the national identity management infrastructure program in the United Arab Emirates. He has been involved in the UAE national identity card program since its early conceptual phases during his work with the Ministry of Interior. He has also been involved in many other strategic government initiatives in the past 22 years of his experience in the government sector.

He holds an engineering doctorate degree in strategic and large scale programs management from Warwick University, UK; Masters Degree (M.Sc.) in Information Management from Lancaster University, UK; and a Bachelors Degree (B.Sc., Hons.) from Manchester University, UK. He is also a member in several academic and professional institutions. He is an active researcher in the field of advanced technology implementation in the government sector, and the approaches to reinventing governments and revolutionising public sector services and electronic business. He has published more than 50 research articles in various areas of applications in the past 10 years.

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