A Triple Bottom Line Planning Tool for Measuring Sustainability

A Triple Bottom Line Planning Tool for Measuring Sustainability:

A Systems Approach to Sustainability Using the Australian Dairy Industry as a Case Study

Authors: Laurie Buys, Kerrie Mengersen, Sandra Johnson, Neil van Buuren and Evonne Miller

Print (paperback):          ISBN: 978-1-909287-88-4

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ISBN (digital PDF):       978-1-909287-89-1

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ISBN:                            978-1-909287-89-1

Recommended price:   £49.95/US$84.00/€61.00/$Australian93.00/$Canadian93.00

 A Triple Bottom Line Planning Tool for Measuring Sustainability

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Sustainability is a key driver for decisions in the management and future development of organisations and industries. However, quantifying and comparing sustainability across the triple bottom line (TBL) of economy, environment and social impact, has been problematic. There is a need for a tool which can measure the complex interactions within and between the environmental, economic and social systems which affect the sustainability of an industry in a transparent, consistent and comparable way.

The authors acknowledge that there are currently numerous ways in which sustainability is measured and multiple methodologies in how these measurement tools were designed. The purpose of this book is to showcase how Bayesian network modelling can be used to identify and measure environmental, economic and social sustainability variables and to understand their impact on and interaction with each other.

This book introduces the Sustainability Scorecard, and describes it through a case study on sustainability of the Australian dairy industry. This study was conducted in collaboration with the Australian dairy industry.

ISBN (print):                 978-1-909287-88-4

ISBN (digital PDF):      978-1-909287-89-1

Publication date:          March 2014

Territorial rights:           worldwide

Number of pages:        120

Size (print):                  234mm x 156mm

Readership:                 university and professional

BIC2 code(s):              KJMD, KJB

BISAC code(s):           BUS019000



Conceptual Model

Triple bottom line sub-models

Economic sub-model nodes, indicators and measures

Social sub-model nodes, indicators and measures

Environmental sub-model nodes, indicators and measures


Dairy Sustainability Scorecard


Scenario Testing for the Scorecard

Scenario testing of the Dairy Australia Sustainability Scorecard

Dairy Australia sustainability scenarios

Economic sustainability scenarios

Social sustainability scenarios

Environmental sustainability scenarios

Strength of influence across the TBL for dairy

Strength of influence in economic TBL

Strength of influence in social TBL

Environmental TBL

A Triple Bottom Line Planning Tool for Measuring Sustainability

Evidence Base








Measures for the Bayesian network












Other than Neil van Buuren, who works for Dairy Australia, the authors are based at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia.







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