Beyond Compliance: A Production Chain Framework for Plant Health Risk Management in Trade

Authors: Megan Quinlan, Kerrie Mengersen, John Mumford, Adrian Leach, John Holt and Rebecca Murphy

Print (paperback):           ISBN: 9781911033103

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Agricultural trade is an engine for economic growth, yet many countries lack the competence and confidence to negotiate market access effectively. Access requires compliance with a set of phytosanitary measures imposed by the importing country. However, by following a structured process, negotiations can move beyond simple compliance to a more mutually beneficial solution.

Beyond Compliance: A Production Chain Framework for Plant Health Risk Management in Trade provides a series of decision support tools that can be used to manage and demonstrate plant health risk management. The tools, developed within a production chain framework and Systems Approach, were developed using real trade cases in Southeast Asia. The project aimed to support national plant protection organisations and trade negotiators seeking to ensure safe trade with more risk-proportionate and suitable risk management plans.

The Beyond Compliance project was funded by the Standards and Trade Development Facility, a global partnership established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the World Organisation for Animal Health and the World Trade Organization.


Scholars and researchers.

ISBN (print):                 9781911033103

ISDN (epub):                 978-1-911033-11-0

Publication date:           April 2016

Territorial rights:            worldwide

Number of pages:         252

Size (print):                   234mm x 156mm

Readership:                  university and professional


1. Introduction

2. The Beyond Compliance Project: Experiences and Lessons Learned

3. Stakeholder Engagement

4. Beyond Compliance Tools: the Production Chain

5 Beyond Compliance Tools: Decision Support System

6 Beyond Compliance Tools: Models Employing Bayesian Networks

7 Using the Tools

8 Case Studies 

9 Outcomes of Beyond Compliance



M. Megan Quinlan is a Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College London and consultant in plant health. Her focus is on the principles, instruments and implementation mechanisms for achieving plant health, biosecurity and biosafety; Kerrie Mengersen is Professor of Statistics at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Her research focuses on developing and applying statistical models for prediction and risk in a range of fields, including agriculture, plant and animal biosecurity, environmental management and conservation; John Mumford is Professor of Natural Resource Management at Imperial College London. His research and teaching involves issues of uncertainty in environmental management, particularly related to plant protection, invasive species, vector management and fisheries management; Adrian Leach is a Research Fellow at Imperial College London specialising in the development of modelling and visualisation tools to aid decision making in agricultural, fisheries and vector control management; Johnson Holt was reader in resource modelling at the Natural Resources Institute and now continues his research interests through Imperial College London in the development of models to support natural resource management and risk analysis, particularly in relation to pests and diseases; Rebecca Murphy has been an editor for more than three decades, working on a wide range of publications in many fields of applied biology.


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